We believe that knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you can be and live. Just like the doctors and staff of COHS attend classes and study to build upon our knowledge base and ability to help others, we want our patients to do the same. That is why we offer various classes (educational, encouraging, and fun) to our patients. We do this because it is the best way to learn, have fun, and improve your wellness experience and lifestyle. Here are the patient classes that we offer here at COHS:

  • Orientation

  • Understanding Labs

  • Exercise & Fitness

  • Healthy Shopping

  • Nutrition

  • Juicing & Smoothie Nutrition



February Members Classes 

***Please call the office to sign up for these classes***

*All of the following members classes will be held at our office.

  • Juicing and Smoothie Class: February 17th @ 2:15pm
  • Understanding Lab Tests:  February 20th @ 4:45pm
  • Orientation:  Coming in March
  • Nutrition Class: February 21st @ 4:30pm
  • Understanding Exercise: February 17th @ 10:30am

The following class will be held at Sprouts at 92nd and Shea

  • Shopping Class: February 24th @ 9:30am 

PLEASE contact office if you would like to attend a class to register.  (480-418-2653)