I went from severe IBSD for DECADES to having PERFECT BM’s. I still can’t believe it. No cramping, bloating, no gas.

Neuropathy in my hands and arms for 20 years after spinal neurosurgery, I thought, was a permanent consequence of the surgery. Gabapentin was the only treatment, and it didn’t work. I was going to look into pain clinics, but I now have little to no pain anymore, and that’s MAJOR.

My fasting blood sugar is consistently below 100. I didn’t know what it’d take to get me to reverse it, & I feel like we’ve unlocked that.

My pants are falling off! My friend keeps telling me I’m wasting away, which is really funny! It feels really good, like it’s too good to be true! I lost a lot of weight with NutriSystem, but I gained it all back, and I didn’t learn a thing.

I thought this was going to be hard to do, and it’s amazingly simple. I think this is life changing and it’s essential for your health and well being. You can’t NOT afford to do this if you expect to live, or have any kind of longevity, and you want that longevity being any better than sitting in a wheelchair eating cookies. You can’t NOT afford it.

– Phyllis Bass

I have learned so much about the food we eat and how much we have changed it as a society. Dr. Cole and the staff are very supportive. I am on my way to a new life!!

– Shelly Lerner

The Process of this adventure at this time and age of my life has been the best decision for my health and well-being. I was blessed by the experience and opportunity to take advantage of the informative event that Thursday evening at mimi’s restaurant. My overall health has improved! I had been informed earlier this same week (as Thursday) of my sad state of inflammation around my heart, high cholesterol, borderline diabetic evidence of an “old”Stroke, Vitamin D deficiency, lack of ability to absorb Vitamin C and D, I was just a mess. Everything is in normal range again, the elevated content in my blood stream was diagnosed as hemochromatosis. This information has only been discovered in the work up to participate in the optimal health program. This has changed my life high iron can lead to death! I feel great!!!! Thank god for this guidance to DR. Cole!!

– Liz Ludens