I’ve been seeing Dr. Alejandro for a year for hormone issues. I’m 71 years young. We’ve been resolving my BIH & thyroid and the related issues. Doc A is most knowledgeable, helpful & flexible. She listens well & responds. I especially enjoy her positive attitude & the fact that she will readily discuss ay concerns I present.


I had been struggling with an uncomfortable amount of belly fat, poor sleep, brain fog and general lethargy for at least 2 years. Saw Dr. Alejandro’s advertisement and went to the informational night. She is delightful and extremely knowledgeable about health. It is not the easiest program in the world, but it definitely worked for me. After three months, I am down over 25 pounds, sleeping through the night, and I can wear clothes that I couldn’t wear before because my belly is much smaller!

– M. K.

I am 62 years old and have been an athlete most of my life. I try to get to the gym 4-5 days a week. About 2.5 yrs ago I had pain developing in my left shoulder joint and I curtailed weight lifting. Then I had a fall on the shoulder which aggravated the pain and reduced mobility of my arm/shoulder. The treatment offered….CORTISONE INJECTIONS. I searched for alternative treatment and with Dr. Alejandro’s advice began “Prolotherapy” which is a treatment consisting of multiple injections in my shoulder. The injections consist of naturopathic healing components and cushioning fluids. I had a series of this treatment over several months. Then I began to notice…NO PAIN!!! I am ecstatic as now I am back in the gym with light weights and I can GOLF again. I am so happy that I did not go with the steroids (Cortisone). Thank you so much for healing me!


Dr. A has been great to work with. The 28 day detox was easy to follow. Our experience has helped up to be able improve our health and eat healthier.

– Mario A.

i am so excited i found Dr A. I have never felt better, I’m at a healthy weight, I have energy again and the best part other people are noticing. She’s very knowledgeable in her area and has been very helpful in getting my body and mind balanced again. Thank you so much

– Wendy M.

After struggling for years with digestive issues Dr. Alejandro has helped to identify many issues and set me on the path to feeling better. I have less digestive issues and much more energy.

– Brenda G.

Dr. A has literally changed my life. I finally feel like myself again. It is amazing how much you can change with just diet and natural supplements. I was so close to given up and accepting this is how I would be the rest of my life and I now feel 10 years younger, I have lost 20 pounds, I am happy and have the energy to play with my daughter. I highly recommend Dr. A you are worth it and it is possible!!

– Anonymous

I started seeing Dr. A because of mental decline. I started to worry that I was developing Alzheimer’s. The stress in my life was like a roller coaster and my energy was at an all time low. In fact, I didn’t realize just how bad I felt until I was 8 days into the program when I woke up with excitement and energy I hadn’t felt in years! My appearance improved, too. Dr. A revamped my entire life!

– Dawn L.

Dr. Alejandro have been delightful and very direct which provides an avenue to make progress and teaches a purpose for the patient.

– Liz L.

I couldn’t lose weight and was very conscious of my belly fat because I looked like I was pregnant all the time. I know I was out of balance and when my husband, daughter and I saw the flyer about hormones and belly fat we all 3 thought about changing the way we were living. I lost 21 pounds within the first 3 months. Totally better energy from having low energy due to low iron, so I would walk around winded and would get back to the car hugging and puffing. I thought it was my weight but really I was low in oxygen! Now, I’m just ready to go! I wake up and I’m up, whereas before I was sluggish getting up in the morning.My daughter looked at me after we all went through transformation and asked how did we let ourselves get so bad? In the past, if we were rushed we may go through McDonald’s but now we stop at Mad Greens and get a smoothie or salad quickly that is good for us. We no longer desire to go back to where we were because eating pasta and breads were not good for any of us. I recommend the program with Dr. Alejandro to anyone!


Dr. Alejandro changed my life! I suffered from chronic ankle pain off and on for nearly 2 years. Having a job that required me to be on my feet for 10 hours at a time, you could imagine I was miserable. Dr. A did what my other Doctors could not, eliminate the pain! I highly recommend Dr. Alejandro!


Dr. Alejandro transformed my health! I’ve lost 30 pounds and feel wonderful! I was in a downward spiral for 18 years after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The weight just kept creeping up until I was borderline obese with a 40lb weight gain. Everything I tried with exercise and even a paleo diet only worked so much. I could only lose 5-10 pounds and it was always a struggle. My metabolism and hormones were out of control.I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Alejandro and what a life/health changing experience it has been! Dr. Alejandro did extensive blood work confirming I was lacking in vitamins and nutrients, my hormone levels were non existent, and I was at high risk for other diseases that needed to be addressed immediately. Dr. A put on a regiment of supplement to specifically address my diet and immune system. She also prescribed a natural thyroid medication and hormone treatment that has made a significant impact. It’s been just over a year and I feel great! My laboratory results show that I am no longer at high risk. My health management plan is working! Thank you Dr. Alejandro!


I had no energy, sad and stuck. That’s why I had some bad lifestyle habits. Felt like I was at my end and got a call to go to a seminar with my aunt and met Dr. Alejandro, who helped me change my life. I was in a rut but now, I feel great! I realize now that I was in a depression and I didn’t want to get out of my chair and took a toll on marriage and everything. Now my husband and I are great, he’s lost 26 pounds and for the first time he was motivated to stay on this because he saw results. I have lost 20 pounds. I sleep better, have better energy, don’t feel blue and overall feel good. I didn’t realize what state I was in until I came out of it because I just got used to the norm.


Had sleep issues, tired all the time, diverticulosis and then had diverticulitis and was told to have surgery. I thought there was a better way then having my colon cut open. I am eating healthier than in my entire life. Eat lots of salads, berries and veggies daily. Now I get to sleep and my energy is 80% most of the time. Thank you Core Optimal Health Solutions!


I had constipation for decades and then had regular bowel movements after I stared the program with Dr. Angelina Alejandro. The program not only helped me to get my bowels moving properly but also my energy improved! I was able to hike without shortness of breath and I lost 20 pounds of weight and my belly fat!


Lost 25 pounds, eating differently, healthier, gluten free. It wasn’t easy but certainly worthwhile! Changed my life!