Here Are Some Myths Concerning Diet And Weight Loss

MYTH: Overweight is a disease that leads to other diseases. FACT: Overweight is a symptom of diminished wellness — a wake up call that things are going wrong in your body. It’s the same diminished wellness that leads to common diseases such as hardened or clogged arteries, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. So excess fat doesn’t […]

Runaway Stress Is the Beginning of Poor Health

Are You Experiencing Signs of Runaway Stress? Here are most of the common signs of runaway stress. The list is long, but you need to recognize the most common expressions of stress before you understand the importance of doing something about it: You cringe in front of a mirror because of growing bulges, fading muscle […]

Too Much Stress Accelerates Aging and Leads To Poor Health

Step Number One towards Reclaiming Your Health Manage your stress and you’ll dramatically reduce your time on the “conveyor belt.” That’s right. It’s not the passage of calendar years that creates the symptoms of “aging” and deterioration that we see and feel. Rather, what gets to you is stress that you don’t have the health […]