Revolutionize Your Body, Your Health & Your Life

Program Benefits:

1)  Your program is designed to correct the underlying cause(s) of your chronic symptoms or conditions.

(This is quite different than the traditional medical model of treating symptoms)

2)  All 5 major components of your health will be addressed including:

3) Programs designed to improve:

4) Exclusive membership to the COHS site for ongoing education to optimized living.

5) VIP membership for access to COHS wellness services and care is offered to our graduates following the completion of their wellness programs.

6) Ask us about family discounts.

7)  Personal Referral Reward Program: Your personal referrals are greatly appreciated and rewarded.

8)  Unlimited access to all educational classes Free of charge!

9)  Dr. Alejandro and the Team at Core Optimal Health Solutions will effectively take you by the hand, educate you, mentor you, inspire you and motivate you to achieve your goals so that you too may enjoy the fulfilled life you were meant to!

 We look forward to the Opportunity to help you Achieve Your Goals!