Are You Experiencing Signs of Runaway Stress?

Here are most of the common signs of runaway stress. The list is long, but you need to recognize the most common expressions of stress before you understand the importance of doing something about it:


Got stress? Of course you do. We all do.

How you manage your stress determines if and when you ride the conveyor belt to a living hell ( “ride the conveyor belt to a living hell” is a term I use in my book, Metamorphosis, to explain what it actually feels like to my patients – they often describe this “ride” that they are putting their body’s through day after day as a downward spiral into the depths of poor health).   If you want to experience the pure joy of optimized living and satisfy your personal wellness potential, you must:

1. Be able to recognize the early symptoms of stress buildup in your body and how it affects your emotions.

2. Learn how to avoid — or at least sidestep — life challenges that lead to stress buildup.

3. Learn how to heal stress buildup that has already occurred.


If you’d also like to live a fabulous, productive, vital, and supportive life, and then just cease to run when your time has come, then you need to know much more than what comes out of medicine, pharmacology, and TV drug commercials!
You need to know that it’s not the passing of calendar years that harm you, but inactivity, faulty thinking, and accumulated, chronic, unchecked stress!