I met Dr. Jill Cole through one of her seminars on taking control of your health. Her program begins with a 28-day detox and education on grocery shopping, label reading, exercise and diet. Dr. Cole is enthusiastic about everyone’s health, working with us on our individual needs and problems.

I began my program on February 4, 2015, with a goal of losing 45 pounds. Her program is 3 meals a day with no snacks. I’ve not been hungry between meals (fortunately!). It’s an adjustment for me to not have dairy, but I prefer to be the healthiest I can be…and I DO feel terrific! I’ve known from an earlier detox that cutting out refined sugars makes my joint pain go away, and I’m experiencing that again through my new eating habits.

To date (6-9-2015) I’ve lost 27 pounds and 3 dress sizes.

If you’ve not had success previously, Dr. Cole might be your answer! Don’t you owe it to yourself to sleep well, feel good and be healthy?